Eccles Theater

183,000 SF

Salt Lake City, UT

The Eccles Theater is a state-of-the-art, 2,500-seat Broadway-style venue within the heart of Salt Lake City. It attracts the biggest and best touring Broadway productions and other performances.

The facility sits on a 60,000 SF parcel of property, and within that compressed space is the performance hall, an expansive lobby, a galleria, a black box theater and lobby, several lounges and public meeting spaces.

Layton Construction was hired as the CM/GC to work alongside internationally acclaimed architects and aggressively assisted in the preconstruction process. As the CM/GC, Layton brought predictability to the project team by providing extensive cost estimates, constructability reviews, site management plans and presentations to the community.

Unique management aspects included involvement of multiple public entities, the public process, a zero-edge construction site, coordination with neighboring construction projects and high aspirations within a limited budget.

The theater was constructed on a tight, urban site with zero lot lines between it and a high rise tower also under construction by another contractor, requiring extensive coordination so as to not impact one another. Before construction could commence, extensive demolition was required to prepare the site, including the demo of a 1960’s building and excavating 20 feet below grade to make room for the new structure.

Eccles Theater in Salt Lake City is a state-of-the-art 2,500-seat Broadway-style venue.

Layton Construction worked alongside internationally acclaimed architects to build the 183,000 SF Eccles Theater.
Eccles Theater boasts an expansive lobby with bright colored ornamental glass and abundant natural light from three stories of west facing windows.
Each of the 2,500 seats at the Eccles Theater feels close to the stage, and all patrons have a clear line of sight.
Patrons enter the Eccles Theater lobby to see finely crafted terrazzo flooring, and a look skyward reveals the delicate light spheres which accent the openness of the six-story lobby.