Atlanta Area Gets New Cummins Service Center

Driving down Interstate 75 in Atlanta, travelers can’t miss the 40-foot-tall bright red Cummins logo sign, identifying the location of the company’s new 58,000-square-foot service center.

Layton’s long-standing relationship with Cummins over multiple projects, including facilities in Boise, Denver, Las Vegas and Nashville. The Atlanta facility is tilt-up concrete with two large bridge cranes and 33 service bay doors.

In early stages, it was discovered that the “greenfield site” was actually filled and capped spoils from a neighboring facility built in the 1960s, resulting in 2,000 geopiers to support the building and new concrete parking lot.

Layton and Cummins are extremely pleased with the outcome and are looking to continue the relationship on future projects.

Cummins Service Center in Georgia


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