Layton Receives Diamond Safety Award from AGC of Utah

Layton Construction's Jeremy Beck, Michael Peart, Dr. Christy Kane, Estuardo Perez, Heather Densley and Lawrence Vaughn.

SALT LAKE CITY (April 25, 2019) – Layton Construction was awarded the Diamond Safety Award by AGC of Utah on Wednesday. The Diamond Safety Award is the highest and most prestigious safety award handed out by AGC of Utah annually.

“In 2018, Layton was able to train and protect their employees better - more than 1 million man hours worked with an incident rate 58% below the national average,” said McKell Costley, Director of Marketing and Communications with AGC of Utah. ”AGC of Utah is proud to recognize Layton Construction for its safety performance and encourage them to continue putting safety first.”

“Although we are proud to be recognized for safety, we remain committed to the belief that sending everyone home to their families every day is not only possible, but our obligation,” said Hendrik van Brenk, VP Environmental Safety and Health for Layton. “While our safety performance ranks among the best, we remain humble and committed to worker safety for all of us at Layton and across our industry.”

AGC of Utah membership submits their individual company for a chance to win an AGC of Utah Safety Award. Companies are categorized based on the number of man hours worked during 2018, then evaluated on their safety performance through a variety of criteria. Winning companies have demonstrated a culture and training plan that is safer than the national average. In order to win the highest and most prestigious Diamond Safety Award, companies must have kept their employees 50% safer than the national average.

“We firmly believe that every accident is preventable and none are acceptable,” Van said. “Although this notion is articulated by many organizations, we demonstrate this belief through a combination of a robust safety management system and a culture of caring. One key character of our safety culture is the humble realization that we do not have all the answers, but we will stay diligent and deliberate to deliver an injury free workplace at all Layton projects.”

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