Former Phoenix Jail to Become County Attorney’s Office

PHOENIX, Arizona – Layton Construction and Maricopa County officials broke ground and began demolition of the former Madison Street Jail during a recent ceremony. Once remodeled, the former jail, which will be known as 225 Madison, will be the home to the county attorney’s office. The jail has not been used for holding inmates since 2005.

225 Madison lies in the heart of the Maricopa County complex next to the court buildings in downtown Phoenix. The new building will provide approximately 264,000 square feet of office space for the county attorney’s office. Other amenities will include a landscaped plaza north of the building, which will provide access to neighboring offices and will see many visitors throughout the year.

“Unique and challenging projects really get us going and there’s nothing more unique and challenging than this project,” says Andrew Geier, executive vice president of business development for Layton Construction. “We’ll see over 500 people work on this project over the next two years. That’s a very large undertaking. This is one of the largest demo jobs the valley has ever seen.”

225 Madison is expected to be completed in late 2019, early 2020.

Rendering of Madison Street Jail after conversion to county attorney's office

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