North Alabama Medical Center

Workers at Layton's North Alabama Medical Center project in Florence, Alabama, join hundreds of jobsites across the country discussing safety and fall prevention.

Layton Workers Nationwide Stand Down for Safety and Fall Prevention

SALT LAKE CITY (May 10, 2018) – Thousands of workers at Layton Construction jobsites across the country took an extra moment this week to discuss fall prevention as part of the U.S. Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) annual National Safety Stand Down to Prevent Falls May 7-11.

Macy's Manhattan Beach expansion project

Workers at Layton's Macy’s Manhattan Beach project in Manhattan Beach, California, discuss fall prevention earlier this week.

Gowan Industrial Park construction project

At the Gowan Industrial Park construction project in Boise, Idaho, construction team members review safety procedures.

Sierra Vista Hospital expansion project in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico

Layton workers stand down for safety at the Sierra Vista Hospital expansion project in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico.

The event encourages companies and workers to pause during the workday for topical discussions, safety demonstrations, and training in hazard recognition and fall prevention. Safety training and coordination is part of morning huddles at all Layton jobsites every day (see details below).

The lack of proper fall protection is the most frequently cited OSHA violation. Stand-downs provide employers and workers the opportunity to talk about hazards, protective methods, and the company’s safety policies, goals, and expectations.

Layton Construction’s Approach to Safety

Layton Construction’s commitment and devotion to being injury free remains steadfast, believing that every accident is preventable and no injury is acceptable. Our 0.67 EMR is one metric that demonstrates our success, however we continue to measure, manage, and improve utilizing both lagging (performance) indicators and leading (predictive) targets.

Over the past three years we have made a substantial investment to further enhance our safety culture, including the formation of the National Safety Leadership Team (NSLT), development of, and focus on leading measures, growing our safety department, and providing ongoing trainings to our site leadership, including OSHA 30-hour certifications.

Layton Construction Safety Strategy and Actions

At the conclusion of 2017, Layton’s executive leadership with the recommendation of the National Safety Leadership team, set aggressive hard targets aimed at the reduction of accident frequency and severity, even though our performance could be considered excellent. These annual targets are milestones to better track our progress toward our ultimate target of zero incidents. Our 2018 targets set an aggressive twenty (20) percent reduction of OSHA recordables and the same reduction of lost time accidents.  Our safety targets included all Layton employees AND all sub-contractor employees working on Layton Construction projects.

During the first quarter of 2018 we have realized a 30% reduction of frequency and our results year to date are a total case incident rate of 1.97, and a lost time rate of 0.16.  While we are pleased with these results (lost time rate being a fraction of industry average) our efforts remain diligent and focused.

Traditional lagging metrics are supported with meaningful leading indicators such that our safety performance becomes predictable.  Leading metrics are designed to facilitate our administrative processes such that they become a way of working.  Below is a sampling of our leading metrics that you would expect to see at a Layton project. 

  • Morning huddle and stretch and flex.  (measured and recorded using BIM 360 field)
  • Orientation day 1. A comprehensive orientation that clearly defines expectations. (measured and recorded using BIM 360 field).
  • Pre-task planning. Observed by Layton project team and reviewed daily. (measured and recorded using BIM 360 field).
  • Craft engagement by Layton site team, creating an open dialog. (measured and recorded using BIM 360 field).
  • Weekly focused safety walks by Layton superintendent and relevant subcontractors. (measured and recorded using BIM 360 field).
  • Monthly comprehensive site audits by Layton safety professional. (measured and recorded using BIM 360 field).

Other Factors

Subcontractors on a Layton project must go through a pre-qualification effort.  For those subcontractors that do not meet these requirements a focused corrective action plan is developed through a collaborative effort between Layton Construction and the subcontractor.  This process has recently been revised such that corrective actions are specific and measurable creating clear expectations regarding safety behavior and practices at a Layton project.

Layton Construction Locations

Layton has permanent offices in 11 locations, coast to coast.

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