Tilt-up construction by Layton Construction

Tilt-up concrete construction can have many advantages over other construction methods, including benefits to cost and schedule and a safer construction environment for workers.

Tilt-up Construction Can Benefit Safety, Cost and Schedule on Many Project Types


Bryan Webb, John Hall and Tracy Robinson from Layton Construction

Layton Construction's Bryan Webb, Executive Vice President, John Hall, Superintendent and Tracy Robinson, Site Foreman

When you think of tilt-up construction, you may envision a massive warehouse on the outskirts of town. Though that still is the case with many tilt-up projects, now tilt-up up construction is being used in many other building types such as offices.

Tilt-up construction is a technique, which uses concrete panels to create walls. Concrete walls are framed and poured horizontally on a concrete slab and then tilted into place with a crane. The panels are braced in place until the remaining structural components such as the remaining panels, roofing and floors are secured in place.

There are many great benefits to tilt-up construction:

  • Quicker construction
  • Accelerated schedule
  • Cost-effective – especially since concrete is a locally sourced material
  • Tilt-up construction is safe – most of the work is done on the ground, keeping crews off scaffolding and ladders

In the video above, Layton's Tracy Robinson, site foreman, John Hall, superintendent and Bryan Webb, executive vice president share more about the benefits of tilt-up construction and why we use it.

Employee parking and truck circulation at an e-fulfillment center

In tilt-up construction, concrete walls are framed and poured horizontally on a concrete slab.

Truck circulation at a traditional cross-dock warehouse

After sufficient time to reach the required structural strength, the tilt panels are hoisted into place.

Layton Uses Tilt-Up Construction in a Variety of Projects Across the U.S.

Layton has used tilt-up construction nationwide in retail, healthcare, office, warehouse, government and virtually all other projects types as best benefits the needs and goals of the building owners.

Amazon Fulfillment Center, Salt Lake City, UT

Amazon Fulfillment Center
Salt Lake City, UT

Macy's Fulfillment Center, Owasso, OK

Macy's Fulfillment Center
Owasso, OK

Safeway, Luhui, HI

Lihui, HI

SACHS Norton Clinic, San Bernardino, CA

SACHS Norton Clinic
San Bernardino, CA

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