53rd Center

1,000,000 SF

Murray, UT

Phase 1 of 53rd Center included a six-story, 200,000 SF office building core and shell and a four-story, 314,000 SF parking structure.

At full build-out, the 20-acre campus will include nearly 1 million square feet of office space in six buildings, ranging in height from four to 12 stories, serviced by three parking structures including more than 4,000 stalls.

53rd Center was built shadowing green construction techniques and products. For example, the project had a recycling goal of 80% of the demolition and construction debris so construction waste was tracked. Also, the HVAC system utilized ICE baths for efficient cooling in the warmer months. This enables the chillers to operate at cooler temperatures during evening hours to create ice utilized during daylight hours.

Key features include:

  • 6-story office building core and shell
  • 4-story parking structure
  • Green building techniques
53rd Center

53rd Center
53rd Center